Ek Lafz Muhabbat by Neelam Riasat PDF Download

Ek Lafz Muhabbat is a beautiful romantic story. This book is about love, respect, and sacrifices for the nation and the country. “Ek Lafz Muhabbat” means the word “Love”, but the whole world revolves around this word. Neelam Riasat is the author of this mind-blowing novel. She is a very famous novelist, short story writer. She holds a special place in your novel reader’s heart because of her unique writing style. Although all her novels are very beautiful, this one is special to other books by her. The main character of this story is Mangoo (An undercover name) is the main character of this story. He fights and sacrifices himself for the youth of the nation and his country. During his duties, he had one more duty, a love of duty to his wife.

Ek Lafz Mohabbat by Neelam Riasat

The author describes the unpleasant events that someone goes through in life and does not trust anyone, including his family members and love ones. This is a blockbuster story with emotions and burning passion with a mix of some action scenes and a small amount of love. After reading this novel, your confidence in love will increase. This is a very engaging and moving Urdu novel. A well-written story, very catchy words, a beautiful cast of characters entertains readers of different ages. All the characters are well crafted and the amazing story makes the novel interesting. We highly recommend reading this novel; it is worth your precious time. You will find this story very surprising and interesting and you will be in the following mode. If you are looking for an interesting love story, don’t waste a moment and download this free PDF book.

Useful Information on Ek Lafz Muhabbat by Neelam Riasat

  • Book title: Ek Lafz Muhabbat
  • Author: Neelam Riasat
  • Language: Urdu
  • Genre: Fiction, Love fiction
  • Pdf format
  • Status: Available For Download
  • Price: Free

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