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“Words of My Mouth” by Ntombifuthi. D is a convincing scholarly work that catches the intricacies of human feelings and connections. This book delves into the depths of individual battle, cultural assumptions, and the force of self-articulation. With its profound account and rich personal development, Ntombifuthi. D offers readers a profound investigation of life’s multifaceted nature through an assortment of interconnected stories. From the main page to the last, readers are transported into a world that is both personally recognizable and profoundly enlightening.

Summary Plot:

The book is structured as a progression of vignettes, each recounting a kind of story that together structures a firm embroidery of human experience. The focal person, Nandi, fills in as the ongoing idea connecting these accounts. Through her eyes, readers witness an excursion of self-discovery, flexibility, and change.

Nandi’s life is marked by various difficulties, from the requirements imposed by traditional cultural standards to the inside fights she faces as she continues looking for identity and reason. Her process starts in a little provincial town, where she is raised by her grandmother, Gogo, a lady of surprising wisdom and strength. Gogo’s impact is profound, imparting in Nandi a deep satisfaction and strength that will serve her all through her life.

As she becomes older, Nandi moves to the city to seek her education. This change is loaded with difficulties, including social dislocation and the strain of adjusting to metropolitan cultural standards. In the city, Nandi meets a diverse exhibit of characters, every one of whom influences her life in critical ways. Her relationship with Thabo, an energetic however troubled young fellow, turns into a focal component of her story. Their wild sentiment powers Nandi to defy her deepest feelings of trepidation and instabilities, eventually leading to a profound individual change.

One more critical storyline includes Nandi’s friendship with Lerato, an individual student who turns into her confidante and emotionally supportive network. Together, they explore the intricacies of youthful adulthood, including academic tensions, heartfelt traps, and the quest for individual identity. Lerato’s unfaltering help and candid advice provide Nandi with the solidarity to persist through her darkest minutes.

The book likewise investigates Nandi’s professional process as she enters the labor force and endeavors to have an effect locally. Her obligation to civil rights and the strengthening of ladies is a demonstration of the qualities instilled in her by Gogo. Nandi’s professional accomplishments are juxtaposed with her battles, making a rich, multifaceted representation of a lady endeavoring to leave behind a legacy.

Words of My Mouth by Ntombifuthi. D

Writing Style:

Ntombifuthi. D’s writing is characterized by its expressive composition and close-to-home depth. The writer’s utilization of vivid symbolism and representation makes a rich, vivid reading experience. Every vignette is crafted with cautious scrupulousness, permitting readers to draw in with the characters’ feelings and encounters completely.

The story style is both contemplative and observational, it is both individual and all-inclusive to provide a balanced viewpoint. Ntombifuthi. D’s capacity to pass complex feelings on through straightforward yet strong language is a demonstration of her expertise as a narrator. The dialog is valid, mirroring the subtleties of the characters’ social and individual backgrounds. The creator’s careful meticulousness in setting and character development improves the authenticity and appeal of the story.

Additionally, Ntombifuthi. D utilizes a non-straight narrating method, winding over a significant period flawlessly. This approach permits readers to understand the developmental encounters that shape Nandi’s personality and inspirations. The juxtaposition of different courses of events likewise adds a layer of intricacy to the story, empowering readers to sort out the riddle of Nandi’s life.

The creator’s utilization of imagery and topical themes further enhances the text. For instance, the common picture of the mouth addresses both the force of discourse and the quiet imposed by cultural standards. Nandi’s process should be visible as a journey to recover her voice and state her individuality in a world that often tries to quiet her.


“Words of My Mouth” is an impactful and interesting book that resounds on various levels. Ntombifuthi. D’s magnificent narrating and persuasive exposition make this a convincing read for anyone with any interest at all in investigating the complexities of human connections and self-awareness. Through Nandi’s excursion, readers are invited to consider their encounters and the words that shape their lives. This book isn’t simply an assortment of stories, but a festival of the flexibility and magnificence of the human soul.

The effect of “Words of My Mouth” extends beyond its story. It fills in as a mirror mirroring the cultural issues faced by a larger number of people, including gender disparity, social dislocation, and the battle for self-identity. Ntombifuthi. D has created a work that isn’t just engaging but profoundly educational and rousing.

In conclusion, “Words of My Mouth” is a scholarly diamond that offers a deep and compassionate understanding of the human condition. Ntombifuthi. D’s vivid narrating and complicated character depictions guarantee that readers will contemplate Nandi and her excursion long after they turn the last page. This book is a demonstration of the force of words and the indomitable soul of the individuals who dare to talk about their reality.

Details about Words of My Mouth by Ntombifuthi. D

  • Novel Title: Words of My Mouth
  • Author: Ntombifuthi. D
  • English language
  • Pdf format
  • Size: 1MB
  • Price: Free
  • Pages: 100+
  • Genre: African Literature & Fiction

Popular Categories: Dark Fantasy Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Contemporary Romance Fiction, Horror, Thriller

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