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“Still In My Heart” by Fez Matsikiti is a strong and charming African novel that dives into subjects of social strength, profound profundity, and the getting through force of memory. Set against the background of a quickly evolving society, the novel complicatedly winds around together private stories with more extensive social issues, making a rich embroidery that reverberates with perusers around the world.

Cultural Resilience and Identity:

One of the focal subjects of “Still In My Heart” is social versatility. The novel follows the existences of characters who explore the intricacies of a world in motion, where conventional qualities and present day impacts impact. At the core of the story is the hero, Nia, a young lady conflicted between regarding her genealogical roots and embracing the chances of the present. Matsikiti wonderfully depicts the subtle conflict that numerous people face in a globalized world, where keeping up with one’s social personality can feel like a daunting task.

Through Nia’s excursion, the creator highlights the significance of understanding and protecting one’s legacy. Matsikiti features the intergenerational transmission of values, customs, and stories for the purpose of keeping social legacy alive. The clever welcomes perusers to consider their own legacy and its importance in molding their personalities, encouraging a feeling of association with the characters and their encounters.

Emotional Depth and Memory:

Matsikiti’s composing sparkles as she dives into the profound profundity of her characters, it is however reminiscent as making a story that may be sincere. The writer utilizes distinctive portrayals and reflective composition to illustrate the characters’ inward lives, permitting perusers to identify with their delights, distresses, and fears. The feelings conveyed are all inclusive, rising above social limits and resounding with perusers from different foundations.

Still In My Heart by Fez Matsikiti

 Memory, both individual and group, assumes a critical part in the book. Matsikiti ably interlaces recollections with the present, obscuring the lines among at various times. As Nia reveals her family’s ancestry through discussions with her elderly folks and the disclosure of old photos, perusers are helped to remember the job that memory plays in molding individual and common stories. The creator recommends that understanding the past is fundamental for producing a significant way ahead, encouraging an appreciation for the penances and wins of the individuals who preceded.

Social Commentary and Contemporary Relevance:

“Still In My Heart” is in excess of a story of self-awareness; it fills in as a mirror to contemporary African culture. Matsikiti flawlessly incorporates more extensive social issues into the story, tending to subjects like urbanization, social disintegration, and generational partitions. The characters’ cooperations with these issues mirror the difficulties looked by numerous African people group as they explore advancement while clutching their social roots.

Through the account of Nia’s town, which faces the infringement of metropolitan turn of events and the blurring of customary practices, the creator brings up issues about the harmony among progress and legacy. Matsikiti welcomes perusers to think about the outcomes of unrestrained modernization on social protection and the interconnectedness of networks.


In “Still In My Heart,” Fez Matsikiti creates a strong story that addresses the core of human experience. Through the investigation of social strength, close to home profundity, and the meaning of memory, the original welcomes perusers on an excursion that rises above geological limits. Matsikiti’s composing brings out a feeling of sentimentality and a yearning for association with one’s foundations, impacting any individual who has wrestled with the intricacies of personality and change.

As perusers submerge themselves in the pages of “Still In My Heart,” they are not just shipped into the existences of its characters yet in addition provoked to think about their own legacy and the tales that have formed them. Matsikiti’s original fills in as an update that even notwithstanding fast change, the heart’s association with custom and memory stays resolute. ” Still In My Heart” is a demonstration of the force of narrating to connect holes between ages, societies, and time spans, helping all of us to remember the strings that attach us to our past and guide us into what’s in store.

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  • Novel Title: Still In My Heart
  • Author: Fez Matsikiti
  • English language
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  • Genre: African Fiction & Literature

Popular Categories: Dark Fantasy Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Contemporary Romance Fiction, Horror, Thriller

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