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Halim is an interesting Urdu social novel; this novel is published in two parts. Both parts are fantastic and well-written by the writer. Nimrah Ahmed is the author of this amazing Urdu novel. She writes many famous novels, but this is a unique masterpiece that she has ever written. The word “Halim” is an Arabic word that means “A Dreamer”. This story is about political leader Fateh and con artist Talia Murad. The writer defines very well the story and the characters, their lives, pains, and fears, their strengths, and abilities.

halim Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Readers also learn how they overcome obstacles in life and how it helps them understand the problems of society and become strong people, teach us to have faith in destiny and the almighty, teaches us to admit our mistakes and to repent our sins every time we realize our mistakes and move on, teach us to believe in ourselves all that we know will work for us, even if it seems little and insufficient. It teaches us that following the straight path is much easier than we think and it also teaches us about friendship with others. In short, this is an amazing novel that you have never read. This is a very heart-touch and attractive Urdu novel. A well-written story, very catchy words entertain the readers of different ages. Halim is a very interesting story for readers of all kinds of fiction. All the characters are well crafted and the amazing storyline makes the novel entertaining you can`t put it down until finish it. If you are interested in romantic novels then you must read this beautiful and romantic novel by Nimra Ahmed, it’s worth your precious time. If you are looking for a good book, we highly recommend putting it in your bag without wasting time.

Useful Information about Novel Halim by Nimra Ahmed

  • Book title: Halim
  • Author: Nimra Ahmed
  • Language: Urdu
  • Format: PDF
  • Status: Available for download
  • Price: Free

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